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The Koch-Chemie Solution

In combination with KC-Refresher Fluid, the KC-Refresher can help disinfect the interior and air conditioning system, thus ridding the vehicle of germs and bacteria. The disinfecting effect of the KC-Refresher Fluid has already been tested in 2014 by the internationally renowned Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Mannheim. Prof. Dr. Lasse Greiner, the head of the test, found that a strong reduction of germs as well as a 99.994% reduction in the production of new germs could be proven*. There are no specific studies on the behaviour with Covid-19 or other viruses. Koch-Chemie therefore recommends additionally carrying out the usual surface disinfection.

The KC-Refresher is an innovative solution of a German company, which enables a permanent destruction of odours in the vehicle interior and other rooms by means of a non-hazardous special fluid, without the use of ozone. Koch-Chemie is the exclusive sales partner in the automotive sector and therefore recommends the use of the KC-Refresher especially for rental cars, fleet vehicles, taxis, car sharing etc. The KC-Refresher can also be used in small rooms, if necessary with two or three applications in different places.

The application is quick and easy. Within 20 minutes, the device evaporates approx. 100 ml (3.38 fl. oz.) of the KC-Refresher fluid into a fine mist which penetrates into the furthest corners of the interior, especially also into the ventilation system and the air conditioning evaporator. Thus, it permanently removes even the strongest odours, and again disinfects the car. Due to the combination of active ingredients and hot fogging, the application is independent of temperature and humidity. The vehicle can be used again shortly after application.


*Reference: Faculty for Biotechnology, Institute of Biochemistry and Steinbeiss-Transferzentrum at the University of Mannheim (Ed.): Zwischenbericht zur Desinfektionswirkung von Verdampferlösungen. Mannheim 2014.

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